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Niche Research in 2020 – My 7 Favourite Sources to Choose Profitable Niches

Friends, due to request from a lot of fellow niche site owners; today I am explaining my personal method to pick up profitable niches in 2020.

As you already know, the 90 day niche site challenge has already begun from 1st Jan 2020 and it will end on 31st March 2020. I hope this guide will help you find the right niche topic for your new niche site project.

This will be a short guide but I will try to provide as much resources as possible which you can use to search for the right niche markets for your next niche website.

So, without any delay; lets delve into the topic.

My 3 Tips for searching Your New Niche Topic

1. Broad Topics: I prefer working in a broad niche rather than choosing micro niches. It gives you ample opportunity to expand the scope of your site in future.

So, instead of choosing to develop a site about car seats, I would rather choose to create a site about internal accessories for a car. So, you get my point..

2. Comfort and Excitement: The next question I ask myself is whether this niche is something that excites me to write a lot about.

If you are very comfortable writing at least 50-100 articles in a particular niche without getting bored then that would be a perfect topic for your new site. So, I suggest you to ask yourself these questions before you choose any niche.

3. Monetization Methods: Third most important point is availability of different monetization options. Some niches such as legal, finance, etc, are more beneficial for ads rather than affiliate products.

If you are specifically looking to promote Amazon products then you can either opt for only Amazon affiliate program or you can choose both ads and affiliate marketing options. Depending on which type of niche topic you choose, your monetization strategy can also change.

Now, I am going to enlist my personal favourite places where I usually perform niche research. The following 7 sources will definitely help you to choose the most profitable niche topics for your new website.

My 7 Favourite Niche Research Resources

1. Online List of Hobbies

Yep, this is my first place where I try to find the popular hobby, interest or passion niche. Just a simple Google search for “List of Hobbies” gives you numerous ideas for your new site.

Check out these resources online to find your next niche topic:

2. Flippa & Other Auction Marketplaces is my second best place to find profitable niche ideas. Here is my basic process to find potential good niche topics.

a. Register or login to and then click on "Websites" – "Just Sold" option.

b. Now, on the left hand side, you can place your filters. Here, you will need to select Content, Blog and Review options below “Website Types”. And then click on Search.

c. Then sort the results by “Highest Price” and you will see the just sold websites with higher ROI.

d. Keep checking these websites and I am sure you will find lot of profitable niche ideas over there just by visiting those site auctions. 

3. Amazon

The next place I look for potential niche topics is obviously the I don’t need to explain a lot about how to search potential topics for your site on Amazon.

There is a really in-depth video guide created by the owner of Affiliate Niche Builders Facebook Group, Ben Adler; who is also a good friend of mine.

It’s a free private group. So, if you can’t see the post, then you just have to apply for a free membership and you will get access to really in-depth SEO guides.

This group is according to me one of the best on FB when it comes to affiliate marketing and SEO.

You will see plenty of real successful niche site owners in this group who are actually living their life on their terms and sharing their success stories and experiences related to affiliate marketing.

I highly recommend to join this group if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and want to expedite your learning process.

Click Here to Become a Free Member of Affiliate Niche Builders Group.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media platform to find very popular and in demand home, DIY, crafts, cooking, hobby related niches.

There is a free Pinterest Keyword Research Tool named as Pinterested where you can find in-demand niches just by searching with popular topics in your mind.

Suppose I want to find more about sub topics related to bikes that are searched by people on pinterest. Then you just enter “Bikes” term in this keyword tool and hit “Get Keywords”. That’s it.

You will get lot of sub-topics in bikes that are searched on a daily basis by millions of pinterest users. This great little tool is beneficial for you if you are confused about choosing right niche topic.

You can even download the CSV report once the search results are shown. After you get all these keywords, just find their search volume in Keywords Everywhere Tool by importing them and you can then decide which niche topic to choose.

Check out Free Pinterested Tool Here.

Another great pinterest keyword research strategy is to find the actual keyword volume data from Pinterest platform itself. To find this legit data, you just have to register for Pinterest Ads.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to pay to see this keyword data. You can just sign up for Pinterest Ads on your account without any upfront fees.

But the data you will see inside your test campaign is enormous. You will actually know the approx. searches for every sub-categories on Pinterest platform.

Check out this in-depth Pinterest Keyword Research video created by Anastatia to understand how to uncover most popular niche topics on Pinterest.

5. Ebay

Its my next favourite place to find hot selling products online.

If you are planning to create a product based website, then is a great place to research.

Just check out all categories section on and explore numerous niches over there.

If you want to find hot selling items and currently trending products on Ebay, then there is a paid tool for that.

It is called as You can try out that tool for a month if you are more serious about Ebay product research.

6. Aliexpress

I love a lot because it gives out so many unique product niche ideas.

Just check out their huge category section and you will understand what I mean.

This website is also great for Dropshippers who want to start selling outsourced products on their website.

Just become a free member and you can either become an Aliexpress Affiliate or start your own dropshipping business too if you have that knowledge.

7. Clickbank

Finally, if you want to sell info products such as ebook, guides related to various self help and hobby niche categories, then Clickbank Marketplace is the best place to start.

You can become a free member over there and choose the info products with higher gravity and avg. dollars/sale.

Check out their marketplace section to explore various niche categories and choose the one that suits your interest.

You can also check out the clickbank product research sites such as or These sites will help you find the most popular and hot selling info products on Clickbank platform.

If you want more in-depth guide about Clickbank product research strategy then I recommend to check out this article as well as this guide about CB product research.

So, that’s it guys. This is my actual process that I follow when I want to find new profitable niche topic for my next website.

I hope you will like this short guide. If you have any queries you can either ask here in comments section or you can visit Affiliate Niche Builders group and can ask your questions there too.

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