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Keyword Research Case Study 1 – Just 3 Articles Provided 500 Visitors in The First 4 Months

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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Today, I want to share a minute experiment that I did four months back for one of my new sites.

I wanted to check how much traffic a brand-new site can get If I publish only 5 or less articles on it in the initial six months of its incubation period.

Ok, once I thought about it, I immediately went back to my niche research mode.

I focused on one particular niche in the home category.

After several hours of research, I managed to find few under served and easy to rank keywords in that niche.

I did not require lot of keywords for this case study.

I just wanted to test whether a new site can get some traffic with handful of articles.

I purchased a new domain for the case study in the month of May 2021.

However, due to lack of enough time, I managed to publish only 3 articles on this site in that month.

After that, I left the site completely and focused on my other important projects.

After 4 months are over, I visited its search console and analytics section.

Here is what I found so far:

Articles Published in the First Month: 3

Traffic Generated in the First 4 Months: Around 500 (632 sessions)

And here is my Google Search Console screenshot which shows the Total Clicks it has got so far in the last 4 months.

We can also see that those 3 articles has brought more than 8000 impressions in just 4 months on Google.

Average positions are also improving day by day which is a good sign of gradual website growth.

Here are my current Google Rankings for those 3 articles published in the first month.

Two of them are already ranking at no. 2 positions in Google.

Current Google Rankings:

Article 1: Rank 2

Article 2: Rank 16

Article 3: Rank 2

To my surprise, these 3 articles managed to bring the first sale of this website through Amazon sales in the first 4 months.

Revenue Generated in the First 4 Months: $0.30 (Amazon Revenue)

My Conclusion

So far, this data emphasizes the importance of choosing the right and easy to rank keywords for any new niche website.

If you choose keywords wisely in the initial niche research phase for your new site, then it becomes easier to rank your articles quickly in Google.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to devote few hours for proper niche research before you start a new niche website in any field.

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