Keyword Chef Review – Here is How I Find Easy to Rank Keywords with Keyword Chef Tool

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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In the last 12 years or so, I have used lot of keyword research tools and I know every tool has its own pros and cons.

Today, I will share my own experience regarding the usage of Ben Adler’s popular keyword research tool, known as Keyword Chef.

We have been good friends since last few years and I have known him well since I joined his Facebook group, called as Affiliate Niche Builders.

I will provide my own experience and my own process of finding easy to rank keywords with the help of Keyword Chef tool.

It may be or may not be the same for every user.

So, without further delay, lets dive into the topic.

Tools that I Use to Find Easy Topics with Keyword Chef

1. Google Autosuggestions Tool

2. Keyword Shitter Tool

3. Keywords Everywhere

4. MS Excel or Google Sheet

5. Keyword Chef Tool

My Exact Process that I Use to Find Several Easy Topics with Keyword Chef Tool

1. Brainstorm Using Google Autosuggestion Tool

The very first thing that I focus is on finding the right category in my niche which I want to target for my niche site.

Suppose, my niche is pets and I want to target few sub categories of Dog niche.

Then first thing I will look out for is a low competition sub category in the dog market.

The best thing to find such low competition sub categories is to use Google Auto suggestions and start with regular common search terms like Best, Review, vs, Why, How To, What, Can, Are, Etc.

Now after few searches, one interesting search term that came to my mind was “Why Does My Dog…”.

I tested this term in Google Autosuggestion and found out that there are sufficient variations of this keyword term.

Once I confirm that there are multiple versions or searches for this term in Google, then its time to head towards another Keyword Tool named as “Keyword Shitter”.

2. Use Keyword Shitter to Find S**t Load of Keywords

Now visit Keyword Shitter website and put the keyword phrase which we have found above already.

I entered the term “Why Does My Dog” as it is in the keyword shitter.

Keep the country code as US and Language as English only if you want to target English speaking US audience.

Also, keep results to show 800 rows to get the maximum visibility for the results.

Once you keep these settings, then Press the Start button.

You will get several search results that are already been searched by people on Google.

After this, just download or directly copy all the keywords.

And head on to the next research stage.

3. Bulk Upload Keywords on Keywords Everywhere Tool

Now, it’s time to check the search volume for the keywords we have found already.

If you are not careful about researching keywords, then you might end up spending a lot of valuable credits on Keyword Chef.

It could be very costly for you to find only few keywords while spending lots of credits for the same.

If you want to save huge number of credits on Keyword Chef and find good number of easy to rank keywords, then I highly recommend to follow this step.

By following this step, you can skip the keywords with the zero searches and save on your credits in the process.

To do this, you will have to upload all the keywords obtained above in the Keywords Everywhere tool.

Once you get all the results in the Keywords Everywhere tool, then you can set search volume filters to filter out the unwanted keywords and thus save on lot of KC credits.

I usually put minimum “10” search volume and maximum “1000” searches a month to weed out the keywords with too much competition and with zero searches.

Now out of 375 keywords that we found on Keyword Shitter tool, we managed to filter out around 245 keywords that were not needed at least for my own search criteria.

So, now we have 130 solid keywords which we are ready to upload on the Keyword Chef tool and see the results ourselves.

4. Upload All the Keywords on the Keyword Chef System

And the last step in this research phase is to upload all the final keywords that we have obtained through all the filters.

Go to Keyword Chef Tool and login with your credentials.

Now click on “Discover” option and then click on the upward arrow icon which is just to the left side of the magnifying glass search icon.

After this, you will see “Import Custom Keywords” window.

This is the place where you will paste all your keywords that you have found already in the earlier process.

Just copy and paste all the final keywords here, provide the right report name and click on “Import” button.

Now, you will see that KC shows all the keywords with the searches from 10 to 1000 which we have already filtered for our research.

Its time to find the actual low competition topics now.

Just click on “Get all SERPs” button and wait for few seconds to complete the process.

Once, the tool completes its research, then you will see the option “Updated – Click to Refresh”.

Click this option to refresh the page and to see the latest search results.

When I refreshed my results, I saw that there were 8 good keywords so far which I can try to rank on my site.

Always try to choose the keywords which have at least 2 weak sites or forums in the top 10 Google positions.

These types of topics tend to rank faster with good topic research and proper interlinking.

Two good keywords that I found so far were:

1. Why Does my Dog Jump on Me and not My Husband

2. Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me

Other interesting topics that I might give a try to rank for were:

1. Why Does My Dog Rub Against Me

2. Why Does My Dog Nibble on My Other Dog

And the final step is to group the similar intent keywords and try to make a cluster so that you can enhance your topical relevancy on your niche site.

That’s it guys.

This is all the process that I like to follow whenever I try finding new interesting search topics for my niche sites using Keyword Chef tool.

Using this same research technique, I managed to find around 948 easy to rank topics out of 1631 uploaded keywords for a certain niche.

For other niche, I found around 967 topics and KC returned 140 plus easy keywords out of those topics where at least 3 weak sites were ranking in the top 10 positions.

I hope you will learn something useful from this short Keyword Chef review and try to implement my keyword research process to find the right topics for your own niche site.

I wish you good luck and if you want to try out this new tool, then you can get Free 1000 credits as a new user.

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