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Easy to Rank Forum Keywords Research Service from Passive Content

Form Keyword Research Service

Get Easy to Rank Forum Keywords to Rank Your New Niche Website Within Few Days and not Months and with No Backlinks at All

I will not waste your time or mine either with lengthy sales page.

Here is what I offer.

I will find you easy to rank forum keywords which you can use to quickly rank your new niche sites in search engines in just few days and not months.

If you are in this business for at least a year, then you must know how time consuming it is to find such easy to rank keywords; especially those where weak forum sites are ranking in the top 10.

These keywords are usually very easy to rank in Google.

Once you find such keywords, you will just have to write good quality and well researched content to quickly rank in Google.

My articles based on these forum keywords usually rank in top 5 within few days.

So, I know how valuable these keywords are.

But finding them is not an easy task because it takes lot of time and energy to spot such keywords even if you are a seasoned niche website owner.

This is where my unique keyword research service comes into the picture.

My Process of Finding These Easy to Rank Forum Keywords:

1. You provide your niche choice.

2. Then I will perform Preliminary Background Research and after that I inform you if the niche has easy to rank topics or not. deep competition research and topic research.

3. With in-depth Google Autosuggestions research and Thorough Search Analysis research process, I will carefully choose easy to rank keywords with maximum weak content sites ranking in the top 10 SERPs.

4. These keywords will have at least 10 searches or more as per Keywords Everywhere tool.

Some Easy to Rank Forum Keyword Samples That I found in just 5 minutes:

(Below examples are old samples. So they may not be easier to rank anymore.

These are just for the sake of examples and should not be considered as an exact representation of new keyword research reports.)

Sample 1: Can Dogs Chew on Deer Bones – 140 monthly searches as per Keywords Everywhere tool

3 weak forums and un-targeted content sites ranking in top 10.

Easy to grab snippets for this keyword..

Go get it if you are in this niche..

Sample 2: How to Get Fabric Softener Smell out of Clothes – 170 monthly searches

3 Forums ranking in top 10 and others don’t have much targeted content.

Again, an easy pick to rank quickly.

Sample 3: How to Get Lanolin out of Clothes – 70 monthly searches

very very very easy to rank keyword.

Almost 6-7 forums ranking in the top 10 and other sites have un-targeted content.

Below are few sample keyword research reports that I have created for my past clients.

Sample Keyword Research Reports:

Keywords research report sample 1
Keywords research report sample 2
Keywords research report sample 3

I can rank my site for this keyword in the snippet in just few days with good quality content and so can you..

I can provide so many such samples.. but you get the point now.

FYI, I am also providing my past client feedback about my research service.

Client Feedback / Client Reviews About Research Service:

So, without further delay, here is my keyword research fee.

(I have now slightly revised rates for my service due to higher client demand and lack of enough time to work on more projects at a time.)

My Current Niche Research / Keyword Research Service Packages:

1. AVP Package – 50 Easy to Rank Forum Keywords in Your Niche – $160

(Potential Site Traffic – 15k/Month)

50 Easy to Rank Forum Keyword Research Report
Enter Your Email Address Where I can Send You The Keywords:

2. VP Package – 75 Easy to Rank Forum Keywords in Your Niche – $240

(Potential Site Traffic – 20k/Month)

3. CEO Package – 100 Easy to Rank Forum Keywords in Your Niche – $320

(Potential Site Traffic – 30k/Month)

4. MD Package – 200 Easy to Rank Forum Keywords in Your Niche – $650

(Potential Site Traffic – 60k/Month)

5. Chairman Package – 250 Easy to Rank Forum Keywords in Your Niche – $800

(Potential Site Traffic – 75k/Month)

6. Big Boss Package – 300 Easy to Rank Forum Keywords in Your Niche – $1000

(Potential Site Traffic – 100k/Month)

Mode of Payment: You can pay me via Paypal or Payoneer.

If not happy with certain keywords, you can always ask for a review.

I will happily replace those keywords with other easier ones.

Once I receive the payment for the particular package, I will start my work.

You will usually receive the keywords in 72-96 hours depending upon the package you have asked for.

Don’t hesitate to DM me on Facebook or send an email to passivecontentinfo@gmail.com

Let’s Get Your New or Old Niche Site Ranking Quickly in the Search Engines.

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