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keyword research case study 1

Keyword Research Case Study 1 – Just 3 Articles Provided 500 Visitors in The First 4 Months

Today, I want to share a minute experiment that I did four months back for one of my new sites. I wanted to check how much traffic a brand-new site can get If I publish only 5 or less articles on it in the initial six months of its incubation period. Ok, once I thought […]

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niche site update 5

How a Failed 90 Days Niche Site Challenge Still Produced 135% Traffic Increment and 160% Income Growth

Hey guys, today I am here to publish my latest update for the 90 Day niche site challenge which took place from Oct 2020 to Dec 2020.This challenge was all about writing as much articles as possible.Basically, the challenge was writing 90k words in 90 days.And I am not very proud to say that I […]

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90 Day Challenge Update 4

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 4 – 9 Articles 931 Search Visitors and $9.22 Earnings

Hi guys, this will be my fourth and final update for our very first niche site challenge.Around 21 people participated in this 3 month challenge and all of them did their best to reach the target. The final objective was to be able to earn at least $10 in the first 90 days of our […]

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90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 3

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 3 – Learn How I Produce Super Helpful and Linkable Articles

Hi friends, I am back with the third update about the 90-day Niche Site Challenge which already started from Jan 1, 2020.Here are the quick stats for you if you are in a hurry.Total Articles Published for in first 60 days: 7Total Word Length of 7 Articles: 12549Avg. Word length per article: 1800Google Rankings: Out […]

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90 Daye Niche Site Challenge Update 2

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 2 – Got Rank 9 and 12 for Two of My Articles in First 30 Days

Hey guys, today I am here to publish my second 90-day niche site challenge update for the first 30 days.First, I would like to provide some quick stats for my niche site. Total Articles Published for first 30 days: 4Total Word Length of 4 Articles: 6795Avg. Word length per article: 1500Google Rankings: Got Rank 9 […]

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90 day niche site challenge update 1

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Weekly Update 1 – Got 98/100 Google Pagespeed Score

10 days have been passed since our 90 day niche site challenge started..I am here to provide my first weekly update.The steps that I took for my new site are as follows: Table of Contents Step 1: Brainstorming of New Niche TopicStep 2: Choosing a Fresh Brandable Domain NameStep 3: Choosing a Reliable Hosting ServiceStep […]

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Niche Research Methods

Niche Research in 2020 – My 7 Favourite Sources to Choose Profitable Niches

Friends, due to request from a lot of fellow niche site owners; today I am explaining my personal method to pick up profitable niches in 2020. As you already know, the 90 day niche site challenge has already begun from 1st Jan 2020 and it will end on 31st March 2020. I hope this guide […]

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90 Day Niche Site Challenge

90 Days New Niche Site Challenge – Earn Your First Dollar with Quality Content Only

Hey guys, I am starting a new challenge series on this blog.I was planning for such type of challenge series since last 1 year or so.Now, 2020 is about to begin soon and I am thinking of starting a new niche site from this year.So, anyone who wants to start a new niche site from […]

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Easy Trick to Find Exact Keyword Search Numbers

How to Find Exact Keyword Search Volume in Bulk for Free

Hey guys, today I wanted to write about few keyword research tricks that I have learned over the past few months. So, one of those tricks is to find the exact keyword search count in bulk. And you can do this without investing into monthly subscription keyword research tools such as Keywordtool.io. It costs close […]

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