About Me

My Internet Business Journey So Far....

Hey guys, I am Vishal Mahadik; the owner and creator of PassiveContent.com.

I will not bore you with my long story.. So will state few highlights of my IM career so far..

1. I was earlier having a full time day job which I left in 2008 to pursue my dream career in computers.

2. First I started as a Full Time Freelance Writer and worked my a$$ for full 5 years; chasing new clients and working for them all day and night..earning ok revenue from my writing career.

3. Then in 2014, with inspiration from Spencer Haws's Niche Site Challenge, I began my first niche website and since then I am loving this profession a lot.

4. Currently I have a portfolio of few niche sites and my current cumulative niche sites revenue is close to $600 bucks.

5. I am now trying to ramp up the speed of niche sites that I own already and have few new sites in the pipeline.

I have created this website to share my past experiences with the people who want to build their own niche websites and want to earn long term revenue from this business.

I hope you will like my content and will get inspired to work harder on your niche sites so that one day you can achieve your residual income freedom that you truly deserve.

Best of luck guys.


Vishal Mahadik