90 Days New Niche Site Challenge – Earn Your First Dollar with Quality Content Only

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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Hey guys, I am starting a new challenge series on this blog.

I was planning for such type of challenge series since last 1 year or so.

Now, 2020 is about to begin soon and I am thinking of starting a new niche site from this year.

So, anyone who wants to start a new niche site from 2020, can participate and provide their updates here on this blog.

So, the challenge details will be as follows.

  • The time period for this challenge will be 90 days.
  • In this time period, I will buy a completely new domain without any history.
  • And I will publish as many new articles as possible with the best of my capability.
  • I will not do any backlinking and will just focus on publishing really good quality content.
  • I will find 30-50 KGR keywords with really low competition for this new website.
  • I have already chosen my niche and domain name for it. I will not reveal it due to privacy issues. I hope you will understand the reasoning behind the privacy.
  • I am professional writer myself. So, I will try to write content myself as much as possible. When I fall short of schedule, I will try to outsource some of the content to maintain the publishing frequency.
  • At the end of 90 days, I will reveal my traffic stats and any earning details till 90 days.

So, I will try to keep you updated every week. Therefore, expect a post per week which will include my current progress and actual steps taken to build a new niche site from scratch.

The main objective of this challenge series is to understand the importance of publishing quality content and correcting the false notion of some niche site owners who believe that new niche sites don’t rank quickly without building any valuable backlinks to it.

I will try to rank content on this new site without building any links and focusing only on publishing good quality, well researched and reader focused helpful content.

I wish all the new niche site owners best of luck and without further delay, let’s make year 2020 more prosperous and fruitful.