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How a Failed 90 Days Niche Site Challenge Still Produced 135% Traffic Increment and 160% Income Growth

Hey guys, today I am here to publish my latest update for the 90 Day niche site challenge which took place from Oct 2020 to Dec 2020.

This challenge was all about writing as much articles as possible.

Basically, the challenge was writing 90k words in 90 days.

And I am not very proud to say that I actually failed this challenge.

Because I was able to write only 63671 words in 90 days and published only 48 articles so far.

There were 22 people who participated in this challenge.

7 of them actually wrote something on their sites and only 3 of us were in reality a little bit consistent in writing regularly for our niche sites.

Anyways, even if I failed this challenge, I still was able to produce a good number of articles in the period of 3 months.

Before oct 2020, I had about 22 articles live on my website.

In the month of the Sept 2020, this particular website received about 4000 unique visitors and it earned me about 118 bucks in total.

I am using Ezoic on my website for display ads and I also use Amazon for product links.

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So, here is the month wise breakdown for my 90 day niche site challenge:

Oct 2020 - Wrote 34868 words and Published 27 Articles

Nov 2020 - Wrote 20345 words and Published 15 Articles

Dec 2020 – Wrote only 8458 words and Published just 6 Articles.

So, the total no. of articles that I published in these 3 months were 48 and the total word count was 63671.

Here is my month wise breakup of Traffic and Earnings for this website.

Sept 2020 Traffic: 4013

Google Analytics - Sept 2020

Sept 2020 Revenue: $118.57 (Ads: $81.56, Amazon: $37.01)

Ezoic Earnings - Sept 2020
Amazon Earnings - Sept 2020

Dec 2020 Traffic: 9455

Google Analytics - Dec 2020

Dec 2020 Revenue: $ 309.07 (Ads: $204.75, Amazon: $104.32)

Ezoic Earnings - Dec 2020
Amazon Earnings - Dec 2020

So, the total traffic growth from Sept 2020 to Dec 2020 was 5442 and revenue growth for this period was $190.50

Percentage wise the traffic growth was 135% and income growth was 160%.

What I Learned from this 90 Day Niche Site Challenge:

  • Regular writing and publishing of articles plays a very important role in boosting your traffic and website revenue in short span of time.
  • Choosing easy to rank and under-served topics is very crucial in quickly indexing and ranking your articles within few days and not after few months.
  • You definitely don’t require a single link to build if you choose your keywords wisely. Choose keywords that have mostly user generated content for the top 10 positions.
  • If you write in-depth and well researched content, your site tends to get good quality natural links over a period. So, spend more time on researching your topics and producing very helpful articles that matches the searcher’s intent.
  • All the articles on this website are info articles which shows that you don’t need money articles and lot of links to earn from your niche website all the time.

This is my update guys.

I hope you have learned few good things from my experience and I wish you good luck for your niche site growth.

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