90 day niche site challenge update 1

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Weekly Update 1 – Got 98/100 Google Pagespeed Score

10 days have been passed since our 90 day niche site challenge started..

I am here to provide my first weekly update.

The steps that I took for my new site are as follows:

Step 1: Brainstorming of New Niche Topic

Status: Completed

Niche Category Chosen: Home

This is a very important step for every content publisher. If you choose less profitable niche then your hard efforts will yield not so profitable results.

I have already provided my favourite 7 places where I do my niche research. Check out my niche research in 2020 guide if you have not seen it yet.

After about 1 week of detailed research, I zeroed in on one topic from Home category.

I wanted to try out home category from last 2 years but didn’t get enough time due to my previous commitments.

But now I have decided to shift my focus on this new site for next 3-4 months.

Step 2: Choosing a Fresh Brandable Domain Name

Status: Completed

If you want to create a long term online asset, then your niche site must have a short and memorable domain name. It helps to create a positive impression in the eyes of your readers.

It is also important for long term brand building. Therefore, I recommend choosing a domain name that is short, easily identifiable and something which your reader can remember for a long time.

If possible, try to come up with one or two words domain names. These will be much more brandable and memorable ones.

You can find such simple and short domain names at following sites:



I have registered the new domain name already and added it on my hosting service.

Step 3: Choosing a Reliable Hosting Service

Status: Completed

Selected WPXHosting service for this new site.

I am using WPX Hosting since last 6 months and I am very much satisfied by their support and speed features. My main site which is hosted on WPX; currently loads under 1.5 sec as per Pingdom report.

They offer free CDN, free new website migration and their customer support is superb. I always get under 10 sec response time from their support staff whenever I log on for direct chat support.

All of my sites hosted on WPX hosting are getting below 2 sec loading time due to their faster servers.

This speed improvement has helped my sites to boost their rankings and traffic. Their 25 bucks monthly business plan is worth every penny invested so far..

Step 4: WordPress Installation

Status: Completed

This is by far the easiest step among all others. With your Cpanel dashboard you can literally install WordPress CMS in few seconds for your domain.

Just remember to choose a strong password and unique username for your site. This step is important for the safety and security of your website.

Step 5: New Theme, and Plugins Installation

Status: Completed

For this 90 day challenge, I have particularly chosen Incomeschool’s Acabado Theme.

I have heard a lot of good things about this theme since its launch. But I did not pay much attention to it because I thought its publicity was overhyped.

But for this challenge, I wanted to give it a try for once. So, I went ahead and bought it for $99.

This $99 plan basically gives you unlimited usage and unlimited updates without any yearly payments. So instead of $50 plan, I chose this long term plan.

I installed the theme and then installed only handful of plugins which Jim Harmer, the owner of Incomeschool.com recommends in the tutorial section of the theme.

After installation of all the important plugins and theme, I also published all the necessary pages like About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure, etc.

Yesterday, I published my first article on the website with the featured image and other supportive images. After that I checked my website speed and it was as follows:

Mobile Pagespeed Score
Desktop Pagespeed Score
Pingdom Speed

So, you can see that I am currently getting Google Pagespeed Score of 98 on mobile and 100 on desktop. And in Pingdom reports, my site is loading at 334 ms and overall score is 89.

This was possible only due to a faster hosting service and super fast Acabado theme

Step 6: Logo Design and Google Analytics Setup

Status: Completed

Got a logo designed from Fiverr designer and SEO setup finished.

I got my site logo done by a professional logo designer from Fiverr. I also recommend you to get it done from a professional.

You will find a lot of talented designers on Fiverr. For just $7 you can get a high resolution, transparent, and well designed logo for your website. It is very important for your brand building in the long run.

I forgot to mention one more benefit of Acabado theme. It has in-built SEO features.

It means you don’t have to install a separate SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or All-in-One SEO, etc. You just have to input your Google Analytics ID in its settings.

This theme also creates an XML sitemap automatically. You can then input that XML sitemap in your Google Webmasters dashboard to get your site indexed faster.

Plus, this theme comes with Schema Markup features which makes it easy for you to provide schema for your product review articles.

You don’t need extra plugins for the same. This also means, you save a lot of server resources and thus your site loads much faster.

Step 7: Keyword Research

Status: Completed

Found out 50 Low Competition Keywords

I have found few important categories in my niche. And then I researched in Google for those topics. With the help of Keywords Everywhere, I was able to find out about 50 low competition keywords.

Very few of them are of commercial nature. Lot of them are info keywords. I have decided to focus a lot on info keywords for this particular site.

This same discussion is currently going on in our group and several members are now focusing on publishing info articles. I also follow the same strategy for this site.

Because info content has very less maintenance and they provide long term ranking benefits. Commercial content needs lot of regular updates and yearly maintenance. Therefore, I have decided to focus a lot on info content for this site.

Step 8: Content Publishing

Status: Work in Progress

Just wrote my first info content and published on the site.

Yesterday, I published my first article on the website and submitted in on Google Webmasters for fast indexing.

I want to publish majority of info articles on this niche site. I will occasionally publish few commercial posts here and there if I find any.

For next 3-4 months, I will try to publish at least 5-7 posts every month.

This is my first weekly update. I may or may not publish the next update every week. As and when I progress further, I will report new updates.

If you have any queries regarding initial site setup, you can ask them here or at our 90 Day Niche Site Challenge FB group.

Good luck!

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