90 Day Challenge Update 4

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 4 – 9 Articles 931 Search Visitors and $9.22 Earnings

Hi guys, this will be my fourth and final update for our very first niche site challenge.

Around 21 people participated in this 3 month challenge and all of them did their best to reach the target. The final objective was to be able to earn at least $10 in the first 90 days of our site launch.

Obviously, we also told them not to do any backlinking and not to buy expired domains. These were the necessary conditions to remain fair with all the participants of the challenge.

So, the challenge is finally over and I am here to share my final results with you.

Here are the quick stats for you if you are in a hurry.

Site Stats so far:

Total Articles Published in first 90 days


Total Word Length of 9 Articles


Avg. Word length per article


Google Rankings

2 Snippets, 3 in Top 10 and 3 in Top 20

Unique Search Visitors in last 90 days


Site Earnings for First 90 Days

$ 9.22

As you can see from the stats above, I did not publish much content in the last 3 months like other participants.

But one thing I did is I focused a lot on creating well researched, in-depth and reader focused content.

I did only 2 things which I think helped me to get quick and higher rankings for my articles.

1. I found very easy keywords so that I can rank my articles quickly.

2.I did extensive research to cover all the related topics for those keywords.

I was a full time writer earlier so I have already done a lot of writing on my own.

Therefore, I always try to write content myself no matter how much time it takes for research and publishing.

I am a bit of perfectionist when it comes to writing content and that’s why it takes a bit longer for me to finish a single article.

I agree it took longer for me to publish these articles but I did focus a lot on research and on producing more helpful and detailed content.

I think these were the major reasons why my ranking percentage is higher and why majority of my articles got ranked in the top 10 positions.

I know you can outsource a hell lot of content in 90 days. But I have been disappointed lot of times by the poorly written content from the so called expert writers.

Most of these experienced writers do not spend much time on in-depth research which obviously hampers the overall quality of your content.

This surely affects your article rankings and site traffic in the long run.
And I don’t want that to happen with my niche sites.

So, I basically prefer writing my own content.

I am sure many people will not agree with me on this strategy.

But I am happy with my results so far and I will continue working on my content till I feel the need of outsourcing content in future.

Traffic Sources:

GSC Data for First 90 Days
Google Analytics from 1st Jan to 31st March 2020

Mainly Google, Bing, Yahoo and some Pinterest.

I did post few pins on pinterest profile which is getting 1-2 clicks daily. I do think Pinterest is a good traffic source if used wisely.

If your pin gets the top rank on Pinterest, then you can be sure of getting some regular traffic to your site.

My suggestion is to find low competition keywords and pin your posts on Pinterest where no one else has posted the article yet related to those keywords.

As far as Google is concerned, getting Snippets is becoming comparatively easier these days.

My strategy is to just find a low competition keyword and create a well researched and really helpful content around this keyword.

If you want to know how I create my content to get snippets then check out this update no. 3.

Site Earnings:

Amazon Earnings for First 90 Days

All earnings are from Amazon US. I have not added much affiliate links on the site yet.

All of my posts are info articles and that’s why I just try to provide useful and recommended product options wherever I feel necessary.

If you write really helpful article and add few useful affiliate links here and there, then readers tend to click them without feeling that you are actually forcing them the products to buy.

This soft selling approach works really great these days especially when there are millions of affiliate spammy sites which seem to push products to their visitors without providing any value.

My Content Approach:

From day one, I decided to publish only helpful info content for my readers.
And that’s the reason I feel the articles ranked quickly and they started getting traffic really fast.

Commercial posts do take lot of time these days to rank and get traffic.
So, a sensible option for new site owners is to first publish at least 20-30 quality info articles and then try adding few commercial posts here and there.

You can link them too in your most popular info posts later on to get traffic from your existing articles.


Finally, the first 90 Day Niche Site Challenge is over. We will soon declare the winner of this first challenge in the FB group.

If you are new to this site and are interested to participate in our new and future 90 day challenges, then you are welcome to join this 90 Day Niche Site Challenge FB Group.

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