90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 3

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 3 – Learn How I Produce Super Helpful and Linkable Articles

Hi friends, I am back with the third update about the 90-day Niche Site Challenge which already started from Jan 1, 2020.

Here are the quick stats for you if you are in a hurry.

Total Articles Published for in first 60 days: 7

Total Word Length of 7 Articles: 12549

Avg. Word length per article: 1800

Google Rankings: Out of 7 articles, 5 articles are ranking in top 20 positions and 3 are ranking in top 10 positions.

Unique Search Visitors in last 60 days: 141

Earnings till Date: $0

I agree this has been a slow month for me in terms of publishing content. I was only able to publish 3 more articles in Feb 2020.

But I am deliberately taking time to learn all the ins and outs of my niche. I am sure it will help me in coming days to improve the overall quality and depth of my upcoming content on the site.

RWP - My Proven Formula of Publishing Super Helpful and Converting Content

I have observed that once you start picking low competition topics and research properly about that topic, your 50% work is already done.

After that comes writing and publishing part which is equally important. You just have to focus on these 3 important aspects of your niche site.

1. Research

2. Writing

3. Publishing

All these 3 phases are critical for the success of your niche site. If you don’t pay much attention to properly research the topic, then it will reflect in your content quality.

Your articles will come out poorly written and your readers will completely ignore them. Thus, your site bounce rate will automatically increase.

Therefore, your research must be properly done if you want your articles to be of top notch quality.

Writing content becomes really easy once you do the research part correctly. And publishing is just super easy and straightforward process once you master the “Research” and “Writing” part.

How to Perform Content Research the Right Way?

When you choose a particular topic, you have to check it out in Google and find out its related topics too.

Check out topic related videos and the questions that have been asked in the niche specific forums. Read them carefully, understand what your audience is actually looking for.

When you do this research thoroughly, then you will realize what sub-topics and questions to be included in your article.

Take care of this research part properly and you can easily outrank your top competition with the research data you have acquired already.

Writing part must include all the related topics and queries that are important for the topic you have chosen.

Try to answer the queries as detailed as possible. Provide proper citations and references from where you take the data and information for your article.

This creates more credibility and authority for your website. People will automatically link to your site if you produce most helpful content for your readers.

My Content Plan for The Month of March 2020

Currently my main focus has been to publish quality info articles for my new site.

I am planning to publish at least 15-20 info articles in the initial stage and then maybe I will think of publishing few commercial articles too.

This is my small update. I am trying my best to publish more content in the last month of this challenge.

Let’s see how it goes…

How many articles you have published by now and how much traffic you are getting now?

Let me know here in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by.

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