90 Daye Niche Site Challenge Update 2

90 Day Niche Site Challenge Update 2 – Got Rank 9 and 12 for Two of My Articles in First 30 Days

Hey guys, today I am here to publish my second 90-day niche site challenge update for the first 30 days.

First, I would like to provide some quick stats for my niche site.

Total Articles Published for first 30 days: 4

Total Word Length of 4 Articles: 6795

Avg. Word length per article: 1500

Google Rankings: Got Rank 9 and 12 for Two of My Articles

Unique Search Visitors in first 30 days: 8

Earnings till Date: $0

How I Got Rank 9 and 12 for Two of My Articles in the First 30 Days Without Any Backlinks?

As far as content is concerned, I often try to write all the content myself as I was a full-time writer earlier. In future, maybe I could outsource the writing from my existing team of US based writers.

I managed to publish only 4 articles in the first month but its due to my preference of publishing high quality content on my sites.

Currently I am writing content myself and am focusing more on producing high quality and well researched info content on my new site.

I have noticed that most writers do not put much effort and energy in researching data and facts for the article they write and publish.

This is where you can play a pivotal role by researching more data and providing more in-depth answers to the queries in your articles.

For publishing detailed info posts, you must focus on two things:

1. Finding related sub-topics

2. Searching for the right information for those sub-topics

To rank your info post in top 3 positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing; you must write your article in such a way that it covers all the related topics and should provide the detailed answers to those queries.

Here is the short example of How I would write an info article so that it can be ranked in top 10 position within first 30 days of publishing:

Suppose I am about to write an article for this info keyword:

“How to Train a Dog with a Remote Collar?”

If I want to write an article for this question keyword then my first approach would be to study and analyse top 20 ranking websites in Google.

I would read the top-ranking articles myself and understand what answers people are really searching for.

You can also check for the “People Also Ask” and “Related Keywords” section to get ideas on more related questions and queries. These related questions are more important from LSI point of view.

When I search for the above query in Google, I find related keywords and then choose them as my sub-topics. So, the following sub-topics would be in my article:

“Are Shock Collars Good to Train Dogs?”

“How to Introduce a Shock Collar to a Dog?”

“How to Use Remote Dog Trainer?”

“Best E Collar Training Techniques for Dog Owners”


If you include these queries in your article, then you can maximize your chances of ranking higher in google.

I know most veteran and experienced niche site owners already know these techniques. But the main issue comes when it comes to implementing these steps in reality.

"Many people fail to research these queries properly." 

In order to perform appropriate and thorough research and find the perfect answers to these queries, you will need to appropriately search the following resources:

1. Videos

Videos are my no. 1 most favourite sources where I find invaluable and in-depth information regarding any topic that I am about to write. You will need to watch these videos properly in order to understand what your audience is actually looking for.

2. Niche Forums

By googling for “Keyword + Forum”; you can uncover the most relevant and very important info regarding your topics. There are many subject experts that you can find here in these forums. You usually get lot of in-depth information related to your questions. You just have to read and understand them properly.

3. Research Papers

The third favourite source for providing up-to-date research-based facts for my article, I usually find research papers published online. 

Just search in google as “Keyword + Research Study” and you will get the facts based scientific study reports related to your topic. 

If you can perform this research accurately and can provide facts-based data in your article with the right source link, then I can guarantee you that your info article will definitely rank in top 10 positions. 

I have personally ranked lot of my articles this way in google in top 3 by using this single research technique. Now you can also use this simple technique to quickly rank your articles in the search engines.

To improve your on-page SEO score, you can also include a relevant Youtube video, an infographic or more product images from Amazon.

If you follow these tips for writing an info article, then I am sure you can certainly improve your chances of outranking your top competitors in SERPs.

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Best of luck for your new niche website!

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